Short Hairstyles

Short Hairstyles

Want to have beautiful short hair?

There are different types of short hairstyles – from tomboy short, through colored tresses, simple layered effects to short braids. Of course, no two heads look completely the same – there are various different density of hair, facial structure and even the light can change the way a hairstyle looks.

When it comes to thick hair, there are several things which are generally true, regardless of whom the head belongs to. Two of the things that can be counted on to happen to thick hair are: hair will puff, if not cut properly and it will tangle more than you will enjoy it. It is well known that for a certain length range the thick hair will begin to bulge in ways unrelated to the wishes of its owner.

For this reason, most people keep their thick hair in either very short or long enough haircuts. In any case, plain, piled in block style haircut does not look good on people with thick hair. Instead, different length level layers...
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