Tasting Spirulina and Chlorella with Pineapple fruit

Tasting Spirulina and Chlorella with Pineapple fruit

Notes from the Rainforest Foods kitchen: Spirulina and Chlorella: Pineapple’s perfect partners

The Rainforest Foods kitchen has begun a series of experiments recently, into interesting ways of using our algae products, Spirulina and Chlorella. We produce them separately and mixed together, in both tablet and capsule form. But we also sell them as powders. Western diets feature very few algaes, despite their exceptional nutritional value, so general kitchen practice employing them is rare. This is a shame, because both Spirulina powder and Chorella powder are very comprehensive foods. They are rich in protein, give us a wide spread of vitamins and contain many minerals.

What focussed our attention on the algaes was the chance discovery of the recipe for a Spirulina and Pineapple smoothie. This chimed with us because for several days a Pineapple had been sitting in the fruit bowl uneaten, after we bought it on offer in a local shop. Would Pineapple sit well with...
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