The Benefits of Natural Lighting

The Benefits of Natural Lighting

The Benefits of Natural Lighting

Apr 23, 2013 by

Summer is all about sun. Catching those beautiful rays after so many months of gloomy, cloudy sky is an absolute joy. The sun is estimated to be brighter than about 85 percent of all stars in the Milky Way and is the brightest object in our sky. Unfortunately, many of us take that brightness for granted, shutting ourselves in offices all day and employing cheap fluorescent lights, but with summer just around the corner, you have no excuse for avoiding the beautiful sun. Using natural light will save you on your utilities bill, allowing you to save up for an upgraded electrical panel installation in the fall or winter. If you need some convincing, here are some of the benefits of natural sunlight.

The “D” is for Delightful

Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin for good reason. To be more precise, vitamin...
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