VoIP solutions to build a reliable communication infrastructure

VoIP solutions to build a reliable communication infrastructure

You’ve probably heard phrases like “this does not work,” “a great echo,” “there is nothing better than older phones.” You’ve probably encountered these real problems, but they stood before us 5 years ago. Now replacing the standard VoIP telephony. Using its standard PSTN phone, you actually talk via VoIP in most cases. Sounds strange, but that is because most of the networks of operators around the world are already based on VoIP. In our country, following the global trend, also remained provider whose network is not based on this innovative technology. Even traditional phone service on the Bulgarian market reshape your entire network and build a network of new generation based on VoIP.

Actually, the “problems” of technology is mostly due to the wrong choice of partner, poor infrastructure, poor equipment or a combination thereof. Why VoIP is becoming increasingly popular technology? The standard answer is price. But not only that.

Limited resources and the...
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