How to Make a Flash Pop-up Ad for Your Wordpress Blog

How to Make a Flash Pop-up Ad for Your Wordpress Blog

How can we appraise whether a blog or a website is successful or not? Traffic! Yes, you may say traffic is almost everything for a blogger or a websitemanager, but actually, traffic alone is not enough. Most of the time, we manage a website mainly for sales, subscription rates, and long-term readership. Obviously, Web marketers are more aware of this purpose, so they put ads on their blog or website, and more successfully, they make use of forceful and effective pop-up ads with promotion information, interesting pictures and flash videos/animations, etc.

Wordpress is the most powerful and widely used blog system today, but we also know that Wordpress does not natively support adding pop-up ads. However, that doesn't mean we cannot put pop-up ads on it. By using some third-party tools, we can easily get this done! In this article, I will show you how to do that. Actually, since Flash pop-ups can contain more commercial information and make the ads not as annoying, here I am...
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