Top 5 Apps To Help You Lose Weight

Top 5 Apps To Help You Lose Weight

After moving back home from university, I suddenly stared at myself in my full-length mirror (I conveniently didn’t have one at school) and realized: I needed to lose weight. I wasn’t that overweight, but let’s just say I gained the freshman 15 every year, and it happened so gradually that I didn’t even see it coming.

I didn’t want to cut back on my double-stuffed oreos, but something had to give, or my waistband would give in first. I decided to monitor my eating habits using a calorie counter app.

I’m just one of many people using the mobile health industry to lose weight. About one fifth of smartphone users have downloaded a health app to help them stay in shape, lose weight or manage their diet, according to thePewResearchCenter’s Mobile Health Report, released in early November. Exercise, diet and weight apps are the most popular.


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