Luxury Hotels in India

Luxury Hotels in India

Goa - The sought-after hub of tourists from every nook of the world. The Portuguese architectural structures have attracted tourists to Goa like ants being drawn to a piece of jaggery. The tourist destinations of Goa reflect the erstwhile royal facets and therefore to maintain the same, there are various luxurious hotels. Along with accommodation services, these luxury or 5 star hotels offer stupendous facilities adding the element of luxury and comfort to the guest’s stay. Every hotel is unique in its own way and therefore there are elements that make it ideal for the stay of guests on their honeymoon trip, family trip, business trip, etc. Here, below are the top 3 highly demanded luxury hotels in Goa. 1. The Leela Goa:

The Leela Goa is a different world altogether. This tiny emerald of Goa is nestled within the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats. This luxury hotel is the foremost choice of travelers from all across the Globe. As Goa serves to various leisure tours,...
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