8 Rules of Food Combining to Lose Weight Effectively

8 Rules of Food Combining to Lose Weight Effectively

Wondering what to eat to lose weight? Proper food combining – eating the right foods in the right order at the right time – is part of a healthy nutrition plan that helps your body improve digestion, absorb nutrients better and lose weight. There’s actually a science that studies food combining, called “trophology”. It examines how our bodies use enzymes to digest certain foods, and looks at what happens when improper food combining throws this delicate and complex chemistry off balance.

Even if you’re knowledgeable about healthy nutrition and eat a wholesome diet, the way you are combing your foods when you eat may be slowing down your inner systems.  Because foods use different enzymes to digest food, and some digest slower than others, mixing several foods tends to leave improperly digested food in your intestines, leading to toxicity.

Results of poor food combining include feeling tired, heavy and bloated, and can also trigger or worsen food allergies. Just by...
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