Hotels in Paharganj | Delhi Hotel Booking | Hotel Shiva International

Hotels in Paharganj | Delhi Hotel Booking | Hotel Shiva International

Hotel Shiva Intercontinental is a business and leisure Budget Hotel and is a leading 3 Star hotel centrally located in Paharganj. The luxury hotel is accessible at a distance from various corners of Delhi includes: 5 Minutes from New Delhi Railway Station, 10 minutes from Delhi Metro Railway Stations, 10 to 15 Minutes from Cannaught Palace, 30 to 40minutes from International & Domestic Airport. Hotel is near to the near to the Market Hub Karol Bagh & the shopping malls.

Hotel have spacious modular rooms suitable for work and relaxation, balanced cuisine available 24 hours a day, meeting rooms, attentive staff, areas especially for children, relaxation areas and a strong commitment to sustainable development. The courteous conduct of the team member pampers our guests with the feel of home, even miles away from home. Hotel's room service is just a call away, no matter what the time is.Other services include sanitation and hygiene of the rooms offer you a comforting...
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