Sprinklers | Installation & Repair | Mosquito System, Katy Houston,TX

Sprinklers | Installation & Repair | Mosquito System, Katy Houston,TX

Welcome to Big Chuck’s Sprinklers

Houston, Texas based Big Chuck’s Sprinkler Systems is owned and operated by Charles Massey, a licensed fourteen year veteran in the residential and commercial irrigation business. Charles is a native, having grown up in Katy and Houston, TX so he knows the territory BCSS serves, its soil, weather, drainage and insect problems. Landscapes large and small, high and low, sunny and shady, residential and commercial have benefited from Big Chuck’s custom design expertise and refusal to take a one-size-fits-all approach to planning and installing sprinkler, drainage and mosquito control systems. Big Chuck’s seasoned teams of irrigation technicians are among the firm’s greatest assets. They have been with BCSS from the start, recieving their training in installation and customer service from Charles Massey himself. BCSS does not run an “amoeba” operation, where inexperienced laborers come and go with busy and slower seasons. Don’t take our word for any...
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