Sky Dish with QUAD LNB | Satellite and Cable Ltd

Sky Dish with QUAD LNB | Satellite and Cable Ltd

This Sky Dish Freesat or Sky Minidish is a 43cm Elliptical, Perforatred Dish - Region 1 and is specifically designed for the reception of Digital Satellite signals. It has been approved by BSKYB, the world leader in digital platforms, and also used by NSAB on the Scandinavian market. This Satellite Mini Dish can be used with standard universal LNBs using a 40 mm feed clamp and with it's small (43cm) form factore the Sky Minidish can be also used as a freesat mini dish, steel mesh satellite dish with all mounting hardware and single LNB.

The elliptical shape is also beneficial for upgrade to multisat reception.

This Sky Dish is Freesat or Sky is Zone 1 which covers all England and Wales.


New Mk4 Raven Sky Minidish for Sky Freesat (dish size is 59cm wide x 43cm height) Quad LNB for 4 simultaneous channels of satellite reception - HD ready Wall bolts and bracket assembly for wall mounting included + Satgear instructions, easy self-install Matched...
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