Need For Speed Underground Free Download Pc Game

Need For Speed Underground Free Download Pc Game

The player starts straight into the action, at a circuit race driving a uniquely styled Acura Integra Type R with wide body kit, easily winning over his opponents, only to be woken up by Samantha from his daydreaming. The player meets other racers, and eventually Samantha does the same from time to time, offering unique visual modifications instead. The player’s successive victories don’t impress Eddie. First, he mocks the player’s skill, saying he has a long way to go to ‘roll his streets’.

Need for Speed Underground Game Poster

Need For Speed Underground Screenshot:- Need For Speed Underground System Equirements:-

Windows :- 98/ME/2000/XP Processor:- Pentium III or AMD Athlon 700MHz Ram :- 128MB RAM (256MB for 2000/XP) CD-ROM:- 8X Drive Hard Disk:- 2.0GB Space Video Card:- 32MB Direct3D compatible DirectX 9.0 Keyboard Mouse

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