Low cost dental implants

Low cost dental implants

Is everyone a dental implant candidate?

Anyone who has lost teeth is a potential candidate for dental implants. However, being in good health is important, since certain diseases and conditions may affect the outcome if you are to have inexpensive dental implants.

Gum problems such as uncontrolled periodontal disease can affect the dental implant’s fusion to the bone. Tell your dental surgeon your entire past and present medical conditions, from childhood to the present. 

Also tell him or her all medications you take, including over-the-counter and herbal or alternative medications as well, including teas and other drinks.

A detailed evaluation of your gnathic-stomato system is necessary to determine how and where implants are placed, according to how your jaws, teeth and stomach function as a system. The dental professional will compile records of your x-rays showing your mouth and bite, and other scans, including 3D and CT—computerized tomograms....
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