yOuRzOnE :: Hack Attacks Revealed

yOuRzOnE :: Hack Attacks Revealed


28.05.2009 17:32 - Hack Attacks Revealed

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Hack Attacks Revealed +++++++++++++++++++++ As the world becomes increasingly networked through the Internet, competitors, spies, disgruntled employees, bored teens, and hackers more frequently invade others’ computers to steal information, sabotage careers, and just to make trouble. Together, the Internet and the World Wide Web have opened a new backdoor through which a remote attacker can invade home computers or company networks and electronically snoop through the data therein. According to my experiences, approximately 85 percent of the networks wired to the Internet are vulnerable to such threats. The continued growth of the Internet, along with advances in technology, mean these intrusions will become increasingly prevalent. Today, external threats are a real-world problem for any company with...
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