How to Calm a Panic Attack?

How to Calm a Panic Attack?

A few minutes ago something feels wrongly, something was felt off, but you were not sure what it is exactly. Then it is getting worse. This is making you feel weak. Heartbeat is rising. All of sudden it starts to cascade out of the control.

You may have a feeling of light headed, dizzy and your thoughts may vary. You may have little chest pain, legs may lose the energy to walk- you may not seem to get the full breath. — All these may happen with panic attack.

Panic attacks are known as intense anxiety attacks. For people who haven’t experienced this kind of conditions earlier, this can be overwhelming and that could be hard to believe that they have suffered from panic that was caused by their mind. Panic attacks are very common, and they may not hurt your overall health.

Panic attack can be due to severe stress and pressure on mind. But these can occur very commonly. How to calm a panic attack!!! This is the question that comes in most people’s mind and...
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