About Us

About Us

Distinctive interior design can begin with expertly selected and coordinated ceramic or stone tile. With many years of experience, Ideal Tile Kitchen & Bath Design Center provides the finest selection of imported and domestic ceramic tile, porcelain tile, mosaics, flagstone, slate, marble and granite.

Tile can add a unique look to bathrooms, kitchen, patios, fireplaces, mantels, and floors. The professional installers from Ideal Tile, Kitchen & Bath Design Center have the training and experience to properly install your ceramic tile so that the tiled surface is as attractive and long-standing as tiles used in Pompeii. Residential and commercial projects are handled with prompt, professional attention.

For that extra touch of beauty and uniqueness you want for your home or business, ceramic or stone tile is the answer. For the most attractive tile and highest quality installation, Ideal Tile, Kitchen & Bath Design Center is the tile center to...
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