The Future is Now When it Comes to Search

The Future is Now When it Comes to Search

The future of search could be right under our noses.

As search engine marketing professionals, we often wonder where the future of search is headed. We spend hours researching trends and examining algorithm shifts. In the past several months, there have been some exciting and intriguing changes in the world of search, most of which are have been pioneered by Google. These changes seem to indicate that search is moving in a direction that favors mobile device use and predictive capabilities based on user behavior, along with other real-time factors. Below we’ll discuss a few of the recent trends that signal the future of online search is happening right now.

Conversational Search

While Google’s “Conversational Search” functionality was originally released two years ago, the major difference today is the increased interaction that the “search by voice” function provides to users. On mobile devices, iPhone users may compare the updated Google “Voice Assistant” to...
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