Does Body By Vi Work – Really?

Does Body By Vi Work – Really?

Does body by vi work … I am not a doctor or nutritionist and can only make suggestions based on my own experiences.  You should consult with your healthcare provider just to be on the safe side.  By following the indications on the nutrition label and using previous knowledge I have been able to succeed with ViSalus.

I always have had problems in the past with my waist area.  When I came across body by vi, I decided to give it a try and became committed to making it work.  You see, I have been about 30lbs over weight and have always wanted to lose the extra fat in my problem area. 

To keep this short, here are some things I did, which made a difference when asking myself “ does body by vi work ?” Started eating 5 times a day with 3 hours in between each meal. Two of my meals were replaced by ViSalus Shake.  (It didn’t matter in which order). Last meal had to be taken on or before 7:30PM the LATEST.  No more food after this time! Had a gallon of water every day and...
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