Truck Licence

Truck Licence

Truck Licence Obtaining Your Truck License

Learn to drive a truck and obtain a truck licence in multiple areas to secure a position as a full licensed truck driver. Here at Ultimate Driving School we cater for multiple truck driving licences, bus and semi, light rigid, medium rigid, heavy rigid and many more.

To find out when and where our courses are, call 9609 1888 today.

Today, truck drivers play a huge part of the Australian economy. There are more and more opportunities available for truck drivers including higher income brackets.

With more courses and higher pass rates than any other school you might want to consider utilising the skilled instructors here to take you through your heavy vehicle driving course.

If owning a Truck  license aren’t through competency, honesty, integrity and good old fashion hard work sounds like you, give us a call today on (02) 9609 1888

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