How To Clean Yoga Mat Naturally At Home | Yoga Tips

How To Clean Yoga Mat Naturally At Home | Yoga Tips

Practicing yoga should be soothing and therapeutic but if your mat looks dirty and unhygienic, that’s unlikely to be your thought process while you are doing your practice. You can your health and also your sanity by scrubbing that much-used yoga mat adequately.

Wash Yoga Mat By Hand

You can clean your sticky mat by hand using two methods:

•  Make a mat wash yourself •  Get a pre-prepared yoga mat cleaner

You can make your own mat wash easily by using some tap water and a gentle detergent. However, if you’re planning to make your own cleaning solution, be careful about rinsing properly because any leftover residue could cause a mishap.

How To Make Your Own Mat Cleaning Solution

If you are looking to make your own mat cleaner, follow the below simple steps :

•  Mix a tablespoon of detergent and about a gallon of water in a bowl/sink. •  Using lukewarm water would be fine as well. •  If your mat smells really bad, you may want to...
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