Claudia Engraving

Claudia Engraving

Offering unique and personalized gifts is the craze today. Those unique engraved gifts offer amazing possibilities and make the number one gift today. There are many ways to create these gifts and some common means are sublimation, laser engraving, rotary engraving, direct print, sand-carving, etc. There are endless ways you can combine these marking methods to make a personalized gifts. Engraving and personalizing gifts offer great options for anniversary, business events, wedding gifts, Father’s day, Mother’s day, religious occasions, etc. You can find a huge range in silver, metal, crystal,leather,wood,acrylics, etc. You will come across unique pet memorial plaques and other gifts that are engraved using the latest computerized equipment.

Here are some common techniques to personalize your gifts.

Rotary Engraving: We have seen rotary engraving for many decades now and it is only recently that the art become more high-tech with the use of computerized equipment...
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