Storm Double Tote Black/Blue

Storm Double Tote Black/Blue

Storm Double Tote Black/Blue

Brand: Storm Double Tote Category: Bowling bags

Storm 2-Ball Tote Specs:

600 Denier Polyvinyl Fabric Transparent "Easy View" Top Panel Fixed Adjustable Non-Slip Shoulder Strap Reinforced Stitching Large Oval Bolt Zipper Pulls Provide Easy Opening 2 Color Embroidered Logos Dimensions: W:16" x D:9" x H:10" 1Year Limited Warranty Color: Black/Blue

Here is why you should buy this bag from me:

1. Generous 365 Days No-hassle Return Policy (the only thing I ask is that the product is not used and in the original box or packaging).


2. Free shipping and returns (in case you don't like the ball for any reason) and no restocking fees (others charge as much as 15% of the bag price as restocking fees)


3. No hidden fees - the price you see is the price you pay.


4. 99% of all orders placed before...
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