Outdoor Smoker - All You Need To Know About Outdoor Smoking

Outdoor Smoker - All You Need To Know About Outdoor Smoking

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Masterbuilt propels the art of smoking to the next level with its 30-inch electric smokehouse smoker. Masterbuilt pulled out all the stops with this smoker, starting with a portable design. It will go where the crowd is, with built-in wheels and a rear handle for easy mobility. The Masterbuilt Smokehouse takes it a step further with a large viewing window and an internal light, so you can see the food smoking inside. Add in a remote control, four smoking racks, and a side chip loader and you have a true next-generation smoker.

Enjoying drinks with friends on the patio and don’t want to be disturbed? Use the remote control to turn the smoker on and off or set the temperature from up to 100 feet away. With the remote–which comes with its own belt clip–you can make fine adjustments without leaving your seat. As an alternative, you can control the smoker with the...
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