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Tania Tours - Jordan Tours

Welcome To Tania Tours

We are very pleased to have you on our new website. Continuing our long-term commitment for quality tours in Jordan, we introduce our revamped website where you can book tours directly wherever you are. Over the years we have welcomed people from the Americas, Europe and the Far East. We have some of the most experienced staff, Jordan has to offer, to make sure that your stay is tailored to your needs for an unforgettable time. We welcome people from all over the world and show them why Jordan is known as the Kingdom of Peace. On our website you can see all the destinations Jordan has to offer including Petra, Jarash, Madaba, Dead Sea and many more breathtaking sites. We also offer unique packages for all sorts of travellers, if you are looking to enjoy a tour of Jordan at a peaceful steady pace please see our Classical Tour package or if you are the adventurous type make sure to see the Adventure Tour package.

We love Jordan and hope you will fall in...
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