The Fastest Way to Learn How To Sell

The Fastest Way to Learn How To Sell

Here's a simple, but highly effective sales strategy with a big payback for you. The first time I ever did it was very early in my career. My boss instructed me to go on a sales call with Alice -- a trainee who’d stumbled onto a big opportunity -- and teach her how to beat the competitors.

Aargh! I wasn't ready for that. I didn’t know much about the other vendors, but I knew we needed to win. Plus, I didn't want to look stupid in front of a trainee.

For the next two days, I immersed myself learning everything I could about the competition. I studied how they stacked up against us. I talked to experienced reps to find out about pricing and strategy. Finally, I figured out how to engage the prospect in a conversation that made us the obvious choice.

My head was spinning. Before we went to the meeting, I reviewed everything with Alice. I outlined competitive strengths and weaknesses. I overviewed our plan for the meeting. Then answered her...
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