Health | Bishop Jordan Prophetic Network Blog

Health | Bishop Jordan Prophetic Network Blog

Grace and Peace, Grand Master Prophet, Pastor and The Company of Prophets.

The Prophetic word has led me step by step through a season of health challenges.

Almost two years ago master prophet said on my 365 that I would be going through a season of health challenges and I should follow a bland microboitic diet. He also said that the season would be like a roller coster with lots of ups and downs however, I would come out of it sucessfully.

Well, at the time I did not understand or receive that word I though he was sort of missing it. I mean, after all, the FACTS of my life was that I was in tip top shape, I was hanging with the beautiful people in the acting, fashion and music industry and that if any thing should happen I could use positive affirmations eat healthy, or get a prophetic word to solve the problem.

Master prophet teaches us that facts are not truth. and the prophetic word came to pass and the very thing I depended on was my...
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