Advantage Valley Ltd | Bristol Crash Repair Centre

Advantage Valley Ltd | Bristol Crash Repair Centre

Ladies - Our commitment to you.

At least half of our customers are ladies and we recognise that some of you have a dislike of dealing with the motor trade.

Advantage Valley fully understand that no one wants to be in the position of having to have their vehicle repaired after an accident, and the difficult situation that you can find yourself in, but you’ll find that all our staff are fully trained to handle your situation.

Our dedicated female Account Managers will put you at ease from the very first call to book your vehicle in for repair.  They’ll look to remove the stress of the situation and assist you with your insurance claim to getting you mobile again, as quickly as possible.  All our repair sites have British Kite mark PAS 125 Approval, so that you can feel assured that whatever the type of repair needed from minor bumps to serious re-building, the repair quality will be to the highest and safest standard.

Before we commence...
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