2013 BMW Championship Live stream PGA{om Sep12-15}

2013 BMW Championship Live stream PGA{om Sep12-15}

The 2013 BMW Championship live stream will be held at Conway Farms Golf Club in Lake Forest, Ill. beginning Thursday. It marks the final leg of the FedEx Cup playoffs before the season-ending Tour Championship.

This field of 70 will be reduced to only 30 when the tournament concludes, so it will be interesting to monitor not only those near the top of the point standings but also those on the bubble. BMW Championship 2013 live stream

Rory McIlroy is the defending champion, but this event is being held at a different venue than last year’s showdown at Crooked Stick. Plus, the world No. 4 hasn’t won this season and is coming off a tie for 47th in Boston in defense of his Deutsche Bank Championship title.   An idle week has given those in underwhelming form time to recover, while somewhat stymieing momentum for others. That makes it all the more difficult to predict how this one will play out.

With plenty at stake for many of golf’s biggest stars, let’s take...
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