Branding Agency, Brand Strategies & Design - Episode One

Branding Agency, Brand Strategies & Design - Episode One

Brand positioning refers to the place a brand occupies in the market and known as a distinct marketing tool valued by businesses. Whether you like it or not, every brand has its own position in the market based upon the clients perceptions. How is it done? There are ways but it also depends on your budget or how much you are willing to spend for it.

This can be done by sending out a consistent message to your target audience regarding the product or service through advertisement packaging and brand name. Once established, you can now start making steps on how to attract and encourage consumers to try your brand. Here are two positioning types that you may want to consider:

Quality Positioning

-      Quality tops the list of every consumer. How do you increase the perception of quality? According to experts, one must narrow a product's focus. It creates an impression that you are a specialist and not a generalist who happens to know more. Pricing comes next....
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