Tambi Studios – Dubai Film production services company

Tambi Studios – Dubai Film production services company

Michael worked constantly with Oscar winning Director Hugh Hudson over a period of twenty-five years, from camera assistant to Director of Photography on commercials and major feature films.

He was deeply privileged to work under such great mentors as the Oscar winning David Watkins (DOP) with whom he did six major feature films, and the Oscar winning John Alcot (DOP) who gave Michael his technical camera education. Other leading talents with whom Michael has had the honour of working with include; Stanley Kubrick, Ridley Scott, Sidney Pollack, Tony Richardson, Peter Hyams, Bob Brooks, Leister Bookbinder and many others.

Grippen Fighter Swedish Airforce




Volvo S4

Volvo XC90

Volvo Christmas



Gruner & Jahr Roadshow

Siemens & Westinghouse


Educated at an English Public School, St. Georges College, Weybridge in Surry. Studied...
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