TCI News Now!: Travel - Bed and breakfast hotels in London

TCI News Now!: Travel - Bed and breakfast hotels in London

The Caribbean is a favourite vacation destination for many UK residents. Here is something that may be of interest to those travelling in the opposite direction. Are you looking for a bed and breakfast hotel in London? You see there are many ways you can save a good amount of money on accommodation without having to compromise on comfort and amenities of a hotel. Whether you are looking for a cheap hotel near Paddington or bed and breakfast accommodation near Madame Tussauds, keep in mind the following pointers when choosing a bed and breakfast hotel in London.

Look for cheap hotels near Paddington

There are many benefits of boarding at a cheap hotel in central London, especially if you can find one near Paddington. This is a great way to get quick access to places all around the city without having to spend a lot on commuting via taxis. Hotels near Paddington station are close to Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, Bay Waters, Harrods,...
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