How To Look Hot In A School

How To Look Hot In A School

How to look hot in a school is very tough thing because school is a place where the entire friends’ meets .when all the friend play together they push or pull to each other that causes their dress looks filthy. Dress in school is main part .if you do not consider to make hot then you are thinking in wrong way.

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Now i will tell you what are the ways of how to look hot in school one by one for both boy and girl.

You must take bath and before going to school otherwise in a school you will sleep. It makes you less hot. Dress should be clean. Dress should be iron. Wear tie if your school allow. Wear full dress. Shoes must be the school shoes black. Shoes must be polished. Belt must be the school belt. Hair should not be sticky. Use perfume. Drink juice every day. If you wanna make girl want you then must click here. Eat fresh vegetables. Wear dress in an edge style. You can make edge style clothe dress by tailor. Edgy...
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