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2013 Men's European Volleyball Championship Live Stream@OM

It’s do-or-die time in the 2013 Men’s European Volleyball Championships, and it’s down to the last 12 countries to vie for the crown. Four teams have automatically advanced to the quarterfinal round and the remaining eight teams each battle in a one-game playoff to stay alive in the tournament held in Denmark and Poland.

Sixteen nations originally qualified for the 2013 EuroVolley and the field was divided into four groups with four teams each. At the end of the group stages, Slovenia, Turkey, Belarus and Czech Republic placed dead last in their respective groups and got booted out from the tournament. European Volleyball Championship Men 2013 Live Streaming

The top-ranked teams from each group– Belgium, France, Finland and Germany—will enjoy the playoffs bye and advance to the quarterfinals, awaiting the winners of the group’s middle-tiered teams who will battle in the knockout affair.

The playoffs are set on Sept 24, 2013 in two venues, the NR Gi Arena and...
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