History of the MCRD in San Diego

History of the MCRD in San Diego

History of the MCRD in San Diego

November 10, 1775 not only marks the birth of the Marine Corps, it is a day that celebrates the brave spirit that motivated thousands of troops to defend the United States and what it stands for. Although the individuals serving in the United States Marine Corps have changed over the years, the military branch has remained constant with their commitment of protecting the lives and freedoms of American citizens.

Timeline of Pivotal Events for the MCRD

The presence of the Marine Corps did not occur in San Diego until July 29, 1846. The Marine Corps are known to be the ones to respond swiftly when a crisis occurs. In other words, they are labeled as the nations’ first line of defense.

On September 6, 1914, it was decided that the Marine Corps’ permanent base was to be located in San Diego. However, the base was not official until March 1, 1924. The base contained seven barrack buildings and soon became the home to the 4th Marine...
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