Bestselling author Tom Clancy dead at 66

Bestselling author Tom Clancy dead at 66

Tall and thin, with round, sunken eyes that were often hidden by sunglasses, Tom Clancy said his dream was simply to publish a book, hopefully a good one, so that he would be in the Library of Congress catalog.

His dream came true.

Clancy, who died Wednesday at age 66, was the fourth-highest-earning author in the world in 2008.

He invented the “techno-thriller” genre — the natural outcome of a self-confessed nerd’s almost boundless enthusiasm for the machinery of warfare and for gadgets and gizmos — with a stream of best sellers spanning more than 20 years.

Thomas Leo Clancy Jr. was born in 1947 in Baltimore, the son of a postman. To the end of his life, he would live in the state of Maryland. After Roman Catholic high school and Loyola College, where he studied English literature, he married a student nurse, Wanda Thomas — the two went on to have four children — and took over her family’s insurance business in the small town of Owings.

As a...
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