Orange County Weight Loss

Orange County Weight Loss

The Top Weight Loss Scams Have Been Revealed by Orange County’s Most Respected Personal Trainer

According to several reports that have been filed, many of the local facilities in Orange County have been guilty of misleading advertising. The exact extent of the problem remains unknown, but the investigation that was conducted recently showed how it was spreading at an alarming rate.

In an attempt to find the source of the misrepresenting claims and deceptive tactics, Orange County’s most respected and referred personal trainer, Sako Yakinian of the No Limit Personal Training weight loss center, was consulted. Sako has seen and heard about the same type of false promises from his clients and shares in the frustration. With his cooperation, a study was completed and aims to alert people about the scams that are occurring, as well as inform them how they can be avoided.

The first thing that Sako revealed was the purpose behind why so many personal trainers in...
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