Looking for Web Developers

Looking for Web Developers

Hire Dedicated Developers are looking for a web developer and designer to intern in our Indian Headquarters. The role is unpaid, but will offer fantastic learning and creative opportunities. We are looking for Freelance Developers who are interested in improving their skills and being involved in a fairly sophisticated web application. Our team is made up of a developer, system admin and product manager. We need someone to provide the team with some more development support.

We are looking for someone with experience in HTML, PHP, JSON, and JavaScript. All of our positions are volunteer since India Web Developers is a community supported website. None of us here collect a paycheck for doing this - we do it because we love it! Hire Developer India has always attached him with every project and gives his guidance from the experience he had. Under his leadership we at our organisation have been able to come at par with the requirements and have duly compiled aall the...
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