Stampede Cares – Alberta Flood

Stampede Cares – Alberta Flood

Stampede Cares – Alberta Flood 2013

Calgary Fairgrounds Underwater

Looking back it’s pretty crazy to consider what the cities of High River, Calgary, Medicine Hat and other smaller communities went through this year. We witnessed some horrific flooding that affected many homes but never dampened the Albertan spirit. It’s something we look back on, and we are thankful that everyone was safe. We can see that life is starting to get back to normal for those people affected by the flood. I think the best way to summarize the spirit and attitude through all of this is best described in the words of Wendy. Wendy is the GM for RWDI Group of Companies and she provided a story of help and hope that was given through the crew and Stampede Crane & Rigging Calgary. Hi Colin, I have been very remiss in not writing sooner. I’ve started many emails to you but always found it difficult to say what I wanted to say. I thought sending you this email that I sent to my colleagues...
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