Things You Don’t Know About Borderline Personality Disorder

Things You Don’t Know About Borderline Personality Disorder

Border line personality is a psychiatric condition called as personality disorder. People who are suffering with BDP cannot mingle or maintain the relation with other people. It is stated as distressing emotional and self –harming behavior.

Symptoms of Borderline personality disorder:

People with BDP will face different types of symptoms. But anxiety is the common symptom that is found in most of the patients. For most of the people anxiety is considered as a disorder not as the symptom.

Anxiety needs to be cured in order to maintain healthy life without any distresses and disturbances. Treating such disorder is necessary to reduce the severity of BDP and to lead an emotionally healthy and happy life.

Interesting facts about borderline personality disorder:

Fluctuating Moods and Emotions:

BDP is all about the person’s fluctuations in their moods and emotions. And those changes or fluctuations tend to be more powerful. Anxiety takes the first place...
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