Amkay Products manufacture, supply and export a broad assortment of Medical Products to patrons. These Products are Surgical Gloves and Gowns, Disposable Gloves, Face Masks, Caps, Adult Diapers, Surgical Blades, HIV Kit, Shoe Cover & Dispenser and Alcohol Swabs. Other products included in this range are Needle & Syringe Destroyer, Skin Blade, Needle Syringe Destroyer,Lancet,Cord Clamp, Biodegradable Bags and others. 

Amkay designed these products with the help of the latest technology and advanced tools & equipment. That's why these products are widely demanded in a number of hospitals and clinics and are appreciated for their attributes like lightweight, Eco-friendliness, resistance against leakage and stains, disposable, clinical accuracy, tear strength and skin-friendliness.

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