Wind and Sun Sensors for Awnings |

Wind and Sun Sensors for Awnings |

The constant increase in the energy prices has compelled homeowners to explore options to make their establishments energy-efficient. Some owners also use conventional accessories to make their living space cool, comfortable and energy-efficient. Despite being conventional, residential awnings are being used widely to make both residential and commercial establishments more energy-efficient. Many modern users also opt for motorized awnings to extract and retract it in a quick and hassle-free way.

As a popular web store, AlekoAwning has built a reputation by offering a wide variety of stationary and retractable awnings. Along with launching new awning models at regular intervals, we also offer accessories to optimize the performance of your awnings. Based on our interaction with customers, we realize that many people are looking for an efficient accessory that can protect their awnings from harsh elements. Out team has designed the ALEKO® Wireless Wind-Sun...
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