Check your car at We Check It

Check your car at We Check It

Buying a car? Give it the once-over first 1 in 3 may have a hidden history

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It is a sad fact that 33% of second-hand cars sold in the UK have some sort of adverse history. With many possible problems that could rear their ugly head, such as undisclosed outstanding finance on the vehicle, being an insurance write-off, mileage clocking, the car technically being scrapped or even reported as stolen. What looks a wonderful buy on the surface could hide any number of faults and problems. An unprepared buyer could easily lose money, and even lose the car should they fail to give the vehicle they're buying a proper checking. With the majority of cars bought in the UK being of the used variety, and with many of these being sold privately, vehicle checks are a must in today's market. By utilising a number of publicly-acessible databases, we here at WECHECKIT have...
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