Executing a strategy and building capabilities | Dual Impact

Executing a strategy and building capabilities | Dual Impact

Kent, the Chief Executive Officer of a large environmental service company, had identified a significant potential to improve the business. Economies of scale had not been utilized to the extent possible. The collaboration with outsourcing partners was not pragmatic in many regards. He had also realized, however, that friction inside the organization could become an obstacle to meeting his goals.

Kent concluded that the line managers in the organization, including his leadership team, needed help to step up within their roles if his plan should be executed properly. We were brought in to help institute a new, more structured way of working in alignment with his new business plan. We made an explicit agreement with him that he and his leadership would do their work and live up to their responsibilities. We should not substitute them. Their learning should be achieved by doing.

A seven-month program was defined. Two of our professionals helped enable, engage, and...
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