Kanye West - One Night Extravaganza текст

Kanye West - One Night Extravaganza текст

First Verse:

Last night me and my dogs was hanging out Tired of being cramped up in the house We were simply celebrating life Off from work today, so it's all right But all those ups and downs, turned me in a twist Started dancing with this model chick Then every record became our favorite song And that is all that I remember


Cuz I had one too many drinks And ended up at the Embassy With this pretty little thing, from Memphis Tennessee It was a one night extravaganza

Second Verse:

When I woke up from last night's "salvatry" Baby doll was laying next to me Shoes and clothes was scattered every where I got dress and got up out of there But not before I call for me a cab Hung over from all the drinks I had And now I'm telling my story to you Every thing that I remember

Repeat Chorus: 2x


Extravaganza, Extravaganza Only was an extravaganza Yes, it was The things that I remember

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