Kanye West - Livin' A Movie текст

Kanye West - Livin' A Movie текст

Yo, this sound like some movie shit right? Get ya popcorn, get ya condiments, you dont wanna miss nothin, ok listen

[Verse 1] They call me +Edward Scissorhands+ 'cause i'm tryin to cut She claim she got cramps, im gone get you to suck And you not gon use ya teeth ya hear? You gon find out +What Lies Beneath+ right here +The Preachers Wife+ dont give head? Get a divorce man The kids been callin you the headless horseman Like +Sleepy Hollow+ see she swallow Suck like ol girl got booed at +Apollo +13 Ghost+ use my +Hollow Mans+ for +Friday 13th+ You be +Ghost+, +Backdraft+ from the toast Niggaz who drop names is, oh so shameless Get a chain thats stainless, they +Almost Famous+ My bling got em callin me, +Lord Of The Rings+ +The Shining+ make it hard for her to +Do The Right Thing+ But I +Dont say word+, I'll never tell Until you get a Kanye beat, you'll never sell

[Chorus] I'm livin a movie, not livin by rules It's just a movie, dont lose...
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