Why you should Use Anti-Static Mats

Why you should Use Anti-Static Mats

Have you ever been received the electric shock while walking at the home or in office. The shock that you feel or received is called the ESD Electrostatic discharge. These shocks are common in nature. The ESD discharged is high when the condition is humid and there is a humid lot of humidity in the environment. The main cause of the ESD is static electricity.  Static electricity is mainly generated through tribocharging like rubbing a comb against a dry hair, rubbing a balloon against a sweater.

The different types of ESD


The common form of EDS is the spark. The spark can cause damage to the electric equipments and slight discomfort to the people. But many of the ESD discharge occur in a very small quantity without shocking the individual. But these small ESD discharge can cause severe damage to the electronic equipments. Many electronic devices can get damage with a ESD discharge as low as 30 volts. These types of ESD discharge can cause degrade the...
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