Civics For Kids – Learn Our Rights and Duties | Mocomi

Civics For Kids – Learn Our Rights and Duties | Mocomi

Civics for Kids - The ultimate place for kids to learn about the civic affairs and the rights and duties of citizens in a very fun and interactive way. Just click on the title or the image of any article to read it.

Let your child know about the civics of India and the world, the constitutions and the fundamental rights of people. Let them get acquainted with the many types of government that overlook the order of things in the world or even the Panchayat system that is prevalent in the villages of India. Civics for kids has also the basic teachings that help your child develop an understanding of the political scenario of India in particular and the world in general.

The filters on our page allow you and your child to go through the topics accordingly. You can either chose a topic that is interactive, learning or reading pod, as per the age group of your child. Perhaps what others are seeking to teach their children would also help you in reaching a decision on...
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