Bajaj Exhaust Fans Wrapped

Bajaj Exhaust Fans Wrapped

Bajaj exhaust fans are presented as the way to deal with unpleasant odors in the home with this print advertising campaign from India. Items are wrapped in plastic to prevent them from ruining the atmosphere in Toilet (Loo), Kitchen and Baby Room.


The Bajaj Exhaust Fans campaign was developed at Leo Burnett Mumbai, by national creative director K.V. Sridhar (Pops), executive creative director/copywriter KB Vinod, art director Deepak Singh, with Groovy Studios photographer Lai Choon How and Procolor retoucher Bhushan Patil.

The campaign won a Gold at GoaFest, two Silver awards for Press and Poster at Adfest 2009, along with two Silver Lotus awards for Kitchen and Loo and two Bronze Lotus awards for Baby Room.


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