Is It Very Hard To Quit Smoking?

Is It Very Hard To Quit Smoking?

Everyone says smoking is not so easy task to quit. Many people around you have been addicted and suffering from it as it does severe harm to the body. It is a well-known fact to everyone that smoking is harmful and it leads to a dangerous disease called cancer which even kills the person.

Most of the addicted smokers have been trying to quit but they are not able to do it and this shows the severity of addiction. Only one out of ten people can successfully quit smoking. Smoking is difficult to quit but it is not impossible.

It leads to a healthy and long life thus regains a good and prosperous life. First thing to do is question yourself “why am I smoking and what’s good it does to me or worse? “ Here it starts the quitting process.

Why we get addicted to smoking?

Nicotine is the main cause which makes you addicted to smoking. It is a dangerous substance that found naturally in tobacco.

Once addicted to it, it is almost very difficult to get out of...
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