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Arts For Kids | Mocomi

Art for Kids - Want to improve your knowledge of arts and its various form? Just select an interactive media article from below to get started.

Indian art is a field of study from as far back as 3rd millennium BC. The various art forms here have a strong sense of expression and design seen in no other art form in the world. Arts for kids is all about drawing streams and rainbows. Let your child discover and marvel at the beauty of our forms of art through time.

This page endeavors to start with the basics of the large collection of artwork contributed by Indians throughout history and from different parts of India. For instance the Madhubani art is a famous type of painting practiced in the Bihar region. Your child can learn about various art forms on our website. We give you a detailed description of each form of art for your child. The details can be downloaded easily on your desktop, so that you can re-read the information when you want. Your child or you, can...
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